Leaders behind L.A.-based scholastic excellence organization to wear impeccably-made suits at select gala functions; proprietor of bespoke menswear brand part of elite professional network on Italiani Worldwide.

Denis FrisonLos Angeles, CA – December 5, 2018 – Oksana™ Management Group (OMG, Inc.), the Los Angeles-based professional educational services organization offering “The Ultimate Enrichment Experience,” has entered into an exciting and unique sponsorship agreement with Denis Frison, a bespoke menswear brand founded in L.A. by the Italian-born entrepreneur who shares its namesake. Leaders and spokespeople behind the magic that is OMG, Inc. will be wearing the impeccably-made suits crafted by Denis Frison at select gala functions to generate additional interest in the menswear company, already a recognized member of the prestigious Italiani Worldwide (www.ItalianiWorldwide.it) network.

Oksana Management Group, Inc.OMG, Inc. management was first introduced to Mr. Frison when he personally attended Oksana™ Kolesnikova’s Smile Train fundraiser at The Paseo Club in Valencia, California in late 2016, together with other VIPs including Elise Doganieri and Bertram van Munster, executive producers of the reality TV franchise The Amazing Race. An almost instantaneous bond was established, with Kolesnikova and other OMG reps finding common ground with Mr. Frison who shared similar business philosophy perspectives and philanthropic views.

Operating by appointment only, Denis Frison’s company – boasting offices in New York and Los Angeles – crafts tailor-made, vintage fabrics and collectible pieces for discerning buyers, a realization of Frison’s lifelong dream to share his skills as a designer and his passion for research with clients from around the world. Whether it’s hand-sewn shirts, sartorial items made from limited selections of exclusive fabric or casual knitwear and leatherwear items inspired by Frison’s own vintage archive, every product offered by his brand is made to measure and is produced according to each client’s preference.

Since the time of its founding, the Denis Frison brand has had the privilege of working with a prestigious roster of A-list clients including Al Pacino, Wolfgang Puck, Tommy Hilfiger, Leonardo di Caprio and Robert De Niro, among others.

Through the constant support of the Oksana™ Management Group, Italiani Worldwide brings together Italians who are proud to be Italian – and who wish to be appreciated as such. The organization’s website, located at ItalianiWorldwide.it, provides these individuals the visibility they deserve in the land they left; inspired by the Scalabrinians’ motto “Bringing the comfort of faith and the smile of the homeland everywhere as a migrant,” Italiani Worldwide’s goal is to simply “bring the smile of the homeland.”

The Oksana Management Group, Inc., in offering “The Ultimate Enrichment Experience,” has become recognized by a plethora of families in the Los Angeles area for its premium foreign language courses, music lessons and academic tutoring. As the agency behind “Pianist to the Stars” and uber-entrepreneur Oksana™ Kolesnikova, OMG has been recently focusing its efforts on professional private tutoring services that cover subjects ranging from English to Math and from Science to History.

OMG, Inc. is headquartered at 9350 Wilshire Boulevard Suite 203 in Beverly Hills and can be reached by calling (323) 284-7930. For additional information about the services offered by OMG, Inc. visit www.OksanaManagementGroup.com or email mgmt@Oksana-K.com.

In Los Angeles, Denis Frison is located at 8166 Melrose Avenue. For more information visit www.DenisFrison.com or email info@DenisFrison.com.

Additional information about Italiani Worldwide can be obtained via the Oksana Management Group.

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