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Parents: Isn’t it Time Your Child Had the Premium Tutoring He or She Deserves? 

Why We’re the Best Choice for Your Child’s Education

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  1. We Ensure Quality for Your Peace of Mind – Our tutors are professionals who undergo a rigorous assessment and interview process with our representatives, all for the purpose of having the privilege to serve our cherished client base. Simply put, OMG, Inc. tutors are experienced, outgoing and absolutely results-oriented.
  2. We Specialize in Our Local Market and the Community –OMG representatives know our clients inside and out, understanding their needs like no other competitive tutoring entity in the area can. What’s more, we build strong working relationships with these clients and genuinely care about their children’s progress and continuous enrichment – to say our clients can count on us for anything they need with regard to their young ones’ private after-school tutoring is something of an understatement.
  3. We Offer a No-Risk, Satisfaction Guaranteed Experience – It’s not enough for us to offer a highly proficient team of professional tutors…we have to take it up a notch to show how valued our clients really are. In so doing, we are giving you a completely free-of-charge first session, as we’re confident that you and your child will immediately connect with an assigned, hand-picked tutor. We’re going to be frank here: These are the exact kinds of tutors we would select for our own children, so you can rest assured knowing your little ones are in good hands. Best of all, you will not be billed until after you get to meet your tutor to see what he/she is all about.
  4. Our Tutors Make Learning Fun and Motivating – In specializing in grades K through 12 academic tutoring, OMG’s tutors assist with general homework in addition to strengthening the areas in which a student needs extra attention. What’s more, our tutors are all about motivation – and creating fun, enjoyable learning environments that keep students focused and interested. Our tutors are proficient in all subjects including Math, Algebra, Calculus, Reading, Writing, English, Spanish, Test Preparation (SAT/ISEE/ACT/CAASPP), Common Core and more.
  5. We Have a Strong Management System in Place – Perhaps one of the most significant items on this list, OMG – unlike other tutoring service providers, if a tutor is forced to cease teaching due to a family emergency or other issue, we handle the smooth transition to another tutor, the new tutor able to take over precisely where the previous one left off. This efficient process eliminates any interruption in the learning application while leaving all the “heavy lifting” to us.
  6. We’re All About Competitive Rates – There’s no need to hunt around all of L.A. to find the most value for your hard-earned dollar when it comes to tutoring services. OMG offers competitive rates that are sure to fit any budget. Please email us at to learn about our package deals and special promotions…to save even more.
  7. Our Tutors Keep a Flexible Schedule – Unlike many other tutoring service providers that keep their own hours irrespective of a family’s schedule, our tutors work with yours. You can schedule your child’s tutoring sessions based on the most convenient times for you, whether weekdays or weekends, with lessons that are held either at your home, at a public venue (library, coffee shop, etc.), at a tutor’s teaching studio or online (via Zoom, FaceTime, etc.).

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Welcome to the OMG, Inc. Enrichment-Boosting Private Tutoring Experience

From English to Math and from Science to History, there is virtually no limitation to what the tutors at OMG, Inc. can offer your child through our exceptional tutoring services. Not only can our seasoned tutors help your child immediately improve his or her grades, but the learning process will also actually be implemented in an enjoyable way.

This is the consummate tutoring experience in the Los Angeles area and beyond, with results that will speak for themselves. And because our service is completely private and wholly personalized, your child will receive focused, individualized attention at the place and time of your choosing. What’s more, we serve regions ranging from Los Angeles, to Beverly Hills to Santa Clarita, to Calabasas, to Westlake Village and even South Bay and the entire Online community so a wide-sweeping geographic area is covered.

Your Child’s Future Begins with OMG, Inc.

The way we see it, your child’s educational journey should be an exciting and FUN-damental experience, and we offer a way to jump-start his or her future in a professional yet fun environment. OMG, Inc. tutors strive for success and excellence in each student, from grades K through 12, with individualized programs – as well as our one-on-one approach – designed to thoroughly complement your child’s learning curve and abilities.

The goal here is simple and clear: To equip all students we tutor with the necessary tools required to attain a brighter future and a higher success rate… all while making learning fun and exciting.

Indeed, we all view our sons and daughters as stars with the vast potential to shine, and with the support and guidance of the OMG, Inc. tutors, your star can light up the night sky.

What T.U.T.O.R. Means to Us

For the OMG, Inc., the word “tutor” represents something fundamentally deeper than what its surface definition suggests. Here’s how we break it down:

Tutoring each student to grasp concepts and enhance their knowledge is what drives the pride our tutors possess for each child enrolled.

Understanding the various learning styles and determining stronger and weaker abilities allows our tutors to build a rapport with each student, as well as with their parent/guardian.

Timing is of the essence, and as such, OMG, Inc. tutors take personal responsibility in building lasting relationships that lead to brighter futures for all students.

Opportunity to meet and exceed the average is what our tutors have to offer each student.

Rates as competitive and affordable as those of OMG, Inc. won’t even be a consideration – we will discuss with you the myriad of options designed to be affordable, so nothing will stand in the way of your star’s bright future!

We provide Los Angeles and surrounding areas with in-home tutoring and other services in the areas of Math, Algebra, Science, Spanish, English, History, Test Prep and more!

So, what makes OMG, Inc. the Best Choice for Premium Tutoring?
It’s The One-On-One Factor!

Regardless of whether it’s in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Santa Clarita or South Bay, one of the most formidable roadblocks with regard to a child’s educational development is the fact that critical one-on-one time with the teacher is often limited. This leads to a child failing to get the necessary personalized attention that he or she requires – and deserves – and too many times results in the student falling behind in class or not feeling sufficiently challenged.

We’re here to change all that!

All of OMG, Inc.’s tutors’ lesson plans are geared towards each individual student, and since we understand how busy you and your child’s life can be, we have ensured that our services are flexible enough to work around your schedule and meet your personalized needs. This is precisely why our tutors are available to meet at the place of your choosing, whether that be at your home or local library, day or evening. Our tutors will even schedule weekend appointments if that works for you, as well.

Are You ready to take your child’s education to the scholastically-rich next level?

ENROLL TODAY to schedule your first class FREE of charge (any subject)!
ONLINE REGISTRATION is quick and easy!

Call us today at (323) 284-7930
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Oksana Management Group, Inc.

OMG, Inc. provides Academic Tutoring, Music, Art and Language Lessons for students in Beverly Hills, Santa Clarita, Valencia and other Los Angeles areas.

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