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Learning a new language isn’t easy!

But with the right school backing you up, it can be an exciting adventure that yields quick results.

Oksana KolesnikovaSuch is the vision of Oksana Kolesnikova, the founder of Oksana Management Group, Inc.

Oksana first earned her notoriety as an international concert pianist. But, her love for music is rivaled only by her love of languages. As a musician, she traveled the world over, performing for audiences representing many different languages. Enamored with the beauty of words and the way they connect us across cultural lines, she was inspired to create a language school like no other.

That’s why Oksana decided to offer Foreign Language Courses in addition to Music Lessons and Academic Tutoring. Oksana’s foreign language instructors help people of all ages and skill levels learn languages in a way that’s enjoyable and efficient, offering an elegant solution to the cookie-cutter language lessons that are everywhere these days.

Classroom homework studentsOMG, Inc. offers private foreign language courses in Spanish, Italian, French, Russian, Chinese and even English. Oksana carefully selects certified language instructors. They have years of experience and are experts at motivating students in engaging ways.

Private language lessons can be held in a student’s home or online. Online courses are done via Skype or FaceTime, allowing students to converse face-to-face with their instructors. With flexible schedules and a world-class staff, any foreign language student would be in good hands at this school.

Are You ready to learn new or yet another foreign language?

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Oksana Management Group, Inc.

OMG, Inc. provides Academic Tutoring, Music, Art and Language Lessons for students in Beverly Hills, Santa Clarita, Valencia and other Los Angeles areas.

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