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Oksana’s Interviews on Insider Lyfe and Vizaca

Oksana Kolesnikova: Russian-born Celebrity Who Turned ‘The American Dream’ Into Reality Oksana Kolesnikova is a successful celebrity who has dynamically transitioned from being a young award-winning pianist to CEO of three businesses. Originally hailing from Russia, Oksana emigrated to Florida, U.S after the fall of the Soviet Union. The inspiration-driven individual started her journey as a pianist and has excelled in other fields as well throughout her career. She has been a composer, educator, innovative music, and language curriculum developer…

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Tickling the Ivories – OMG Afterschool Enrichment

Every kid benefits from music education and the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of piano might be just the thing. In Keyboard Afterschool Enrichment, students learn the basics of piano playing, how to play fun music and exciting piano songs, and to have an opportunity to participate in the Oksana School of Music Annual Grand Recital ath the Steinway Piano Gallery in Beverly Hills at Horace Mann, El Rodeo and Beverly Vista as part of their school enrichment courses. Enroll…

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5 Remarkable Health Benefits of Playing the Piano

Alec Coles-Aldridge looks at the positive effects of playing the piano on your body Have you ever thought about the positive effects of playing the piano on your body? We all know that playing the piano will improve coordination and fine motor skills, but have you ever been aware of the link between playing the piano and the human growth hormone? Or the benefits to your intellect? Alec Coles-Aldridge explored this interesting topic in his article and came up with…

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Oksana On Music

Empowering Skill Of Music Education Builds A Child’s Self-Esteem We all know the power music has to move us physically. The right beat can make even the most solemn nod their head to the rhythm, and a sweet melody will cause even the most static to sway back and forth in agreement. However, music has an even more potent power to move us —the power to move us emotionally. Many children are acutely sensitive. A chaotic home life, being teased…

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