Empowering Skill Of Music Education Builds A Child’s Self-Esteem

We all know the power music has to move us physically. The right beat can make even the most solemn nod their head to the rhythm, and a sweet melody will cause even the most static to sway back and forth in agreement. However, music has an even more potent power to move us —the power to move us emotionally.

Many children are acutely sensitive. A chaotic home life, being teased at school, and even the feeling of not measuring up to other children can have long lasting effects far into adulthood. Parents often wonder how to give their children the tools to deal with these issues without being overbearing and contributing to the problem themselves. I suggest the empowering skill of music. Music education has the ability to improve a child’s self esteem in a multitude of ways.

One way music can help your child’s self esteem is by showing them they have talent. With so much influence at schools being but on academics and athletics over the arts, it’s easy for a creative child to feel stifled and inadequate to their peers. Music lessons, however, give them an outlet for their auditory impulses.

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Originally posted in Beverly Hills Courier, Dec 31, 2014

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