Whether you own your own company, or represent the company you work for, the common denominator for growth and expansion is one: CONTACTS.

You may have the most amazing product or service, and be the most professional at what you do, but unless you make yourself known to your potential clients and/or other potential associates, chances are you won’t expand as much as you would like.

The OMG Social/Networking Mixer offers just that: the monthly opportunity to meet new awesome folks within the community who, in time, could become new clients and/or valuable business contacts for you.

Unlike many other networking groups, OMG membership is completely FREE of Charge. There are no quotas to meet, no mandatory attendance expectations, no need to send a replacement if you cannot attend one of the mixers, no obligatory ‘referrals’…none of that. We basically want you to come out, have a great time, and make new cool friends. If new business transactions will transpire from you meeting new people, that’s a bonus and we can say we have achieved our goal.

Please note: while we embrace everyone, at the OMG Mixers we elect NOT to discuss Politics, Religion, or any often divisive subject, during our mixers. We want everyone to have a great time socializing over everything else, which is quite a lot!

Lastly, the OMG Mixer is an offspring of our main company, OMG, Inc. which stands for Oksana Management Group, Inc. You may visit our website to learn more about what services we offer, there’s a brief video that clearly explain who we are and what we do.

OMG, Inc. was conceived 10 years ago thanks to the power of…. Networking!

Hence, we feel it’s time to give back!

We hope to see you at the next OMG Mixer event.

Upcoming OMG Mixer

Thursday, November 7
5:00 PM – 7:30 PM

Valencia Medical Center

24159 Magic Mountain Parkway,
Valencia , CA 91355

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Santa Clarita’s One-of-a-Kind Social Mixer Experience

Monthly 100-percent free membership mingling event to bring together real estate agents, business owners, entrepreneurs and other professionals to make new friends and rewarding connections.

Businesses operating in the Santa Clarita Valley have partnered to create a monthly social mixer designed to offer a space for real estate agents, business owners and other professionals to connect. The goal of the OMG mixer is mainly to bring professionals from all walks of life together, with the goal in mind of generating among the partnerships both new valuable personal friendships and productive business transactions,” said the co-founder of Oksana Management Group.

*Get the chance to win a PRP Micro-needling treatment to rejuvenate & tighten your skin, help reduce the appearance of acne scars & fine lines, and stimulate collagen & elastin production! Kindly Sponsored by The Valencia Medical Center.

The mixer is set to feature NATALIE BLANCARDI as one of the select guest speakers.

(Email us if interested in being a speaker at this event.)

Oksana® Management Group, (OMG, Inc.), an agency that offers private lessons in Music, Foreign Languages, K-12 Academic Tutoring and after-school enrichment programs in the SCV, and Beverly Hills. Oksana® Management Group, Inc. is located at 9350 Wilshire Boulevard Suite 203 in Beverly Hills and at 23890 Copper Hill Drive #771 in Valencia. For more information about attending the upcoming mixer, call (661) 310-1177, visit www.OksanaManagementGroup.com or email mgmt@Oksana-K.com.


(Please indicate your industry and number of people in your party)

“We’re also currently looking for event sponsors who will be duly credited before, during and after the event.”

Oksana Management Group, Inc.