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WEDNESDAY, APRIL 5th, 2023 – 6:00 PM


Address27003 McBean Pkwy, Santa Clarita, CA 91355

OMG Foundation - Oksana Birthday 2023

If you are reading this, we want to spend a very special occasion with you in a fun yet meaningful way. 

Please read on.

On Wednesday, April 5, 2023, at 6 pm, I, as the Founder of the OMG Mixer, SERATA ITALIANA, and co-Founder of Oksana Management Group, Inc., will celebrate my lovely wife’s birthday at a very symbolic place, (to us) The Olive Garden. (Valencia location).

While this venue may not sound too ‘sophisticated’ to some, the original Olive Garden in Orlando, Florida is the restaurant Oksana and I used to go to on dates back in the day when Oksana was still a student at Florida State University, some 24 years ago!  We have the fondest memories.

So, I don’t wanna hear it, The Olive Garden ROCKS!! 😊

Please note: It is Oksana’s wish that In lieu of a birthday present, you donate to the  Oksana® Foundation, in whichever capacity you are comfortable.

By donating to the Oksana Foundation, not only will you be helping a great cause that benefits underprivileged families; your donation comes with a whole bunch of valuable perks!

For one, I am giving back a $25.00 Olive Garden Gift Certificate to each and every guest, regardless of the donation amount.  You can use the $25.00 Gift Certificate the day of the event or whenever you want, as it has no expiration date.

As a donor/sponsor, you will benefit from premium ongoing publicity generated on and by our vast network of contacts. AND, you get a whole lot of goodies!! Click here to donate:


  • ‘TITLE SPONSOR’ ($1,000);  FIVE SERATA ITALIANA PASSES! Plus, your banner publicly displayed the day of the event; your company name mentioned in all press releases preceding and following the event; your clickable logo featured in our newsletter going to 20,000 recipients; your clickable logo added to our three main websites indefinitely;  the most effective Word of Mouth promotions and personal recognition at every occasion your company is mentioned.  Click here to donate:
  • GOLD SPONSOR ($500); TWO SERATA ITALIANA PASSES!  Plus, your clickable logo featured in our newsletter going to 20,000 recipients; your clickable logo added to our three main websites indefinitely;  the most effective Word of Mouth promotions and personal recognition at every occasion your company is mentioned. Click here to donate:

EVENT TICKET ($50) – INDIVIDUAL DONATION – Click here to donate:

Can’t thank you enough for your generosity and I want to show you my appreciation by giving you back as much as possible.

Next step: Please select your preferred Sponsorship option and send your donation now. (100% transferable!)

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I will reach out personally as soon as I receive your kind donation.



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Whether you own your own company or represent the company you work for, the common denominator for growth and expansion is one: CONTACTS.

You may have the most amazing product or service, and be the most professional at what you do, but unless you make yourself (and your products) known to your potential clients and/or other potential associates, chances are you won’t expand as much as you would like.

The OMG Social/Networking Mixer offers just that: the monthly opportunity to meet new awesome folks within the community who, in time, could become new clients and/or valuable business contacts.

Unlike many other networking groups, OMG Mixer membership is completely FREE. There are no quotas to meet, no mandatory attendance expectations, no need to send a replacement if you cannot attend one of the mixers, no obligatory ‘referrals’…none of that. We basically want you to come out, have a great time, and make new cool friends. If new business transactions will transpire from you meeting new people, that’s a bonus and we can say we have achieved our goal.  The only cost is for the actual food and drinks you consume while attending our events, and even there, we try to negotiate the best possible deals with the venues.

Please note: while we embrace everyone, during the OMG Mixers we elect NOT to discuss Politics, Religion, or any similar often divisive subjects. We want everyone to have a great time socializing over everything else, which is quite a lot!

The OMG Mixer is an offspring of our main company, OMG, Inc. which stands for Oksana Management Group, Inc. You may visit the link to learn more about what services we offer, there are brief videos that clearly explain who we are and what we do.

OMG, Inc. was born back in 2010 thanks to the power of… Networking! Hence, we feel it’s time to give back!

(Email us if interested in being a speaker at our next event.)



Oksana® Management Group, (OMG, Inc.), is an agency that offers private lessons in Music, Foreign Languages, K-12 Academic Tutoring, and after-school enrichment programs in the SCV, Los Angeles County, and Beverly Hills.

Oksana Management Group, Inc.