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Oksana’s Musical Portraits

Oksana plays Beethoven

What are Musical Portraits?

Musical Portraits are privately commissioned, completely original, works of art intended as gifts for those you love.  Created by world-renowned pianist and composer, Oksana Kolesnikova, the response to these musical masterpieces has been nothing short of astounding.

For example, the collection of original ballads commissioned by retired US Navy Commander Will Miller.  A man, who lived his life protecting his country, chose Oksana to help celebrate the lives of his grandchildren:

“I’ve played before royalty, performed for heads of states, but I don’t know if I’ve ever been more proud than I was composing those songs for those four children,” said Oksana. “It was as if this great man’s family legacy was in my hands.  I was honored, but unsure if I could do it justice.”

Her answer came after playing the final selection, when the Commander, fighting back tears with a gracious smile, approached her and hugged her; no words spoken.
“We didn’t need any,” Oksana recalled, “I heard his heart.  It said, thank you.”

When is a Musical Portrait Appropriate?

A musical portrait is an ideal present for a host of special occasions: weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, engagements, Valentine’s Day, or just to say, I love you.  Be the birth of a child, the celebration of a life, or the joining together of two as one in the eyes of God, an Oksana original is a gift like no other.

Just ask Mya, the bride who, instead of the traditional song, chose to be introduced at her wedding by an Oksana original.  She was eternally grateful:
“It was perfect. Unquestionably and unforgettably perfect. God himself wouldn’t have changed a note. It was perfect.”

Why a Musical Portrait?

“My brush strokes are piano keys, my canvas the heart,” Oksana proudly admits.
“My love language is music.  For me, there is no greater gift.”

Oksana’s Musical Portraits are timeless tributes, forged by passion and crafted with care, which tells your story as only her music can.  What better way to say what mere words cannot than with an originally composed masterpiece, birthed from the heart, and presented with love?

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All Musical Portraits come with a timeless video as in the two samples below.


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