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A Weight Off of My Back, and a Great Business Find!

Hello everyone!

We are back with another business shout-out and I cannot wait to tell you about this one. Today I will be outlining Back to Health Chiropractic, and especially, Dr. Roger DeSesa’s abilities to massively improve your health. Let’s get into it!

Like many, I struggle with my weight and back pain. This is unfortunately rather ‘normal’ these days, but not always something we can completely solve on our own. Exercise and stretching help, but they don’t fix everything.

This is why, after an extensive and selective search,  I chose to visit Dr. Roger DeSesa of ‘Back to Health’ Chiropractic.  The name of the business alone inspired me to reach out to them.  Little did I know that was the secret I needed to succeed!

After one visit alone, it was pretty clear to see why Dr. Sesa has so many awards and degrees under his belt, and why he is an honored member of the Back to Health staff. His expertise and his kindness are top-notch along with some amazing benefits. I noticed that after working together just twice, my back pain started to disappear. This alone was a huge step forward, but there was another huge benefit: under his guidance, I started losing weight!  My comfortability and confidence could not be better right now, and it’s all because of Dr. DeSesa.

If you are in the Valencia area, or willing to travel, I cannot recommend him and the rest of Back to Health Chiropractic enough. They are very kind and incredibly worth visiting. I honestly didn’t expect to feel this good in such a short time, so I just had to let you all know.

You can learn more by clicking Dr. DeSesa’s photo below, it will re-direct you to their website.

As always, If I see a great business, I will make sure to let you all know. Keep an eye out for more!
Until then, have a great day!

Alex, OMG, Inc.

Back to Health - Dr. DeSesa

27674 Newhall Ranch Rd, Unit 65, Valencia, CA

Dr De Sesa

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