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Dear Friends:

As you are all undoubtedly aware of by now, the world has been changed by the global pandemic known as Coronavirus, and as lifelong champions of helping people when they are in need, we here at the Oksana® Management Group are offering a way for you to play a vital role in assisting others in these challenging times…right alongside us.

We have just launched the Oksana® Foundation, an education and arts-focused non-profit that provides opportunities to financially-challenged youth in their own neighborhoods. While the underlying mission of the Foundation is to nurture and cultivate these young people’s gifts for the purpose of building excitement, elevating hope and supporting children in creating positive and lasting changes in the world around them, we feel this latest global incident indeed qualifies as a life-altering moment in time.

Coronavirus Oksana Enrichment Programs OMG, Inc.To this end, we started a Coronavirus Relief section on the Oksana® Foundation website, where donations from you – as sponsors – provide free online lessons to as many people in need as possible during these rough times.

Taking into serious consideration the children of those affected by this worldwide catastrophe – during a period when parents and children are confined to their own homes – OMG is offering an opportunity for financially-challenged families to take advantage of our Online Learning programs, free of charge. Best of all, we ourselves are sponsoring, completely free of charge to the participating families, a renewable five-week online beginner piano/keyboard course to children six to 14 years of age. (Apply here)

As a Foundation sponsor, your kind donations will make it possible for children of our communities to continue their online lessons by way of Skype, Webex, Zoom or FaceTime, in the comfort and safety of their own homes, courtesy of our proficient and professional online instructors.

The existence of the newly-formed Oksana® Foundation also represents an opportunity to provide learning supplies such as keyboards, guitars, books and more.

It is our heartfelt goal to create a plethora of goodwill while parents scramble to make sure their little ones don’t fall behind in their studies.

The Foundation welcomes donors to help nourish programs available via both group and individual classes, including music lessons (piano/singing/guitar/etc.), foreign languages (Italian/French/Spanish), academic tutoring (math/science/reading/writing/test prep) and arts (drawing/painting). What’s more, Foundation sponsors can expect to see benefits and exposure through professionally-crafted press releases and other pieces of marketing collateral.


Kind regards,
Oksana® Foundation Team