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Oksana® Kolesnikova Announces Launch of Franchising Opportunities for Oksana® Enrichment Programs: Scholastic and Arts Youth Education

Oksana Enrichment Programs - RedLimited-time reduced initiation fee bolsters abundance of benefits associated with owning “one-stop-shop” for modern day scholastic and arts solutions for youth

Beverly Hills, CA – October 14, 2019 – Renowned pianist, educator and businesswoman Oksana® Kolesnikova, Founder/CEO of OMG, Inc. (Oksana Management Group, Inc.) announces the official launch of franchising opportunities for its Oksana® Enrichment Programs business.

This scholastic and arts-focused business, already successfully operating with a large roster of instructors and in numerous schools, is helping to fill a growing demand for youth enrichment programs. Kolesnikova’s franchise program is tailored to help elevate instructors and musicians from gig workers to business entrepreneurs, as well as offering current business professionals with a well-researched, and fully-developed opportunity in the forefront of youth enrichment. Differentiating from many other franchises, there is no requisite building lease requirement.

Franchising enables this effective educational platform to be offered across the U.S. Oksana® Enrichment Programs offers private, one-on-one lessons in the areas of music, foreign languages, and academic tutoring in all subjects, K through 12, with potential for franchisee’s to further expand subjects offered. Additionally, After-School Enrichment Programs are available that encompass lessons for music instruments, voice/choir, art, acting/drama, martial arts and foreign languages, as well as tutoring and test prep.

Oksana Enrichment Programs - Black“Our mission through the Oksana® Enrichment Programs business is all about that middle word – ‘enrichment’,” says Kolesnikova. “Now, with exciting franchise opportunities, we can share this passion with other like-minded business-oriented individuals who also see value in bringing enriching education to the young.

She says, “We emphasize to potential franchisees the myriad benefits brought by enrolling children in the Oksana® Enrichment Programs curriculum, so they understand how to market to families that may be in need of such services. Regardless of the program or level, the decision to enroll a student in the curriculum reflects a commitment to excellence – one that will reward both parents and children with success-laden gratification.”

According to Oksana® Enrichment representatives, prospective franchisees’ chances of success are “dramatically increased” because of the company’s solid support and training. Beyond the allure of low initiation fees and royalties currently offered, prospective business owners will be offered the opportunity to:

  1. Be their own boss and work from home without a site lease requirement,
  2. Shrink the learning curve from several years to just six days of training,
  3. Gain access to expert guidance and support,
  4. Add additional foreign languages and tutoring to their roster of services with special permission from OMG, Inc.

Oksana Enrichment Programs - WhiteMore information about Oksana® Enrichment Programs franchise opportunities, visit www.OksanaEnrichment.com

Oksana® Enrichment is headquartered at 9350 Wilshire Boulevard Suite 203, Beverly Hills, CA 90212 with an additional office at 23890 Copperhill Drive #771, Valencia, CA 91354. For more information call toll-free (833) 4-OKSANA, (833-465-7262) or email mgmt@Oksana-K.com.

The Franchise Maker LogoOMG, Inc. Acknowledges Dave Waldman of The Franchise Maker for Helping Make Oksana® Enrichment Programs Franchise Opportunities a Reality

Friends, colleagues and clients: We have some very exciting news to share with you. The Oksana® Management Group has announced the availability of Oksana® Enrichment Programs franchise opportunities, a dream now fully realized and brought to vivid reality with the help of Dave Waldman of The Franchise Maker.

We’d like to take this moment to tell you a bit about Dave and all the professional ways in which he has helped us achieve this goal – from taking our passion for offering these franchisor opportunities to everyone we know to the next level, to providing us the kind of individual attention we needed. This highly-competent franchising expert took us through a step-by-step process that made everything so much easier on us, and this, coupled with his extraordinary sense of humor, turned an otherwise daunting procedure into one that was actually quite pleasant.

“Holding Our Hand” Through the Entire Endeavor

With Oksana® and the entire OMG team going into this foray with little working knowledge about franchising, Dave and his staff at The Franchise Maker helped guide us through the trademark process and even worked out legal details so we could secure our approval. We simply can’t say enough about the way Dave and The Franchise Maker pros “held our hands” through the whole procedure; we specifically wanted someone to walk us through everything step-by-step, but in an efficient and timely manner…and they delivered.

What’s more, Dave’s program laid out and explained where every single one of our dollars would go, so there were no hidden surprises whatsoever, ultimately building the structure for the Oksana® Enrichment Programs franchise into something we never could have done. To say that these professionals were reading our proverbial minds is something of an understatement – while other franchise-building agencies we met with before deciding to go with Dave wanted us to fill out page after page of questionnaires, we didn’t have to go through that with The Franchise Maker.

Some Additional Sentiments

We couldn’t have asked for a more thorough and knowledgeable staff to be on our side, as The Franchise Maker’s service went beyond all our expectations. From returning all our calls and emails immediately to being treated with an overtly hospitable approach and respect, this was a pleasurable experience from beginning to end. Indeed, our venture into franchising the Oksana® Enrichment Programs business was 100-percent dependent on developing a comprehensive franchise structure and a complete FDD that would pass the critical eyes of the examiners in arguably one of the toughest states to franchise in – California. Dave’s expertise and extensive knowledge of the FDD (and the laws that govern them) enabled us to meet our strict deadlines, yielding a franchise blueprint and set of documents that required minimal tweaks.

As we move towards making additional announcements concerning Oksana® Enrichment Programs franchise opportunities, we wanted to first ensure we gave the man behind this exciting juncture his due applause – Mr. Dave Waldman of The Franchise Maker!

Keep your eyes peeled for more news about this incredible opportunity.

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