Happy Valentine's Day from Oksana

Hello Friends!

This newsletter is a tribute to LOVE AND MUSIC, those ever-inspiring forces that move all of us. For the occasion, we chose one of Oksana’s most meaningful original compositions, ‘The Voice of Life’, which she wrote for her own wedding back in 2000, and dedicated to all people who are in love.

Hope you will enjoy!

Your Team at OMG, Inc.

Oksana The Voice of Life - Electronic Dance MusicEDM VERSION

Here’s Oksana’s original composition “THE VOICE OF LIFE”, arranged in EDM (Electronic Dance Music). Arrangement by Adam and Arielle Peri.

Dr. Viossi The Voice of Life Metal VersionMELODIC METAL VERSION

For those of you who like electric guitar, you’re in for a special treat with this rendition of the same song in Heavy Metal style… (Click for Video) compliments of Internet sensation and our celebrity online guitar instructor Michele ‘Dr. Viossy’ Vioni. You may read up how this collaboration came about here.

Oksana Free Floating CD

‘The Voice of Life’ in the Free Floating CD


And lastly, here’s the video of Oksana playing the Voice of Life as she originally wrote it. This song is included in the Free Foating CD which won the 2010 BEST NEW AGE ALBUM of the Year on SoloPiano.com.

The Voice of Life on YouTube – the original piano solo version

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