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I’m thrilled to introduce you to an extraordinary talent who has graced the global music stage with unparalleled skill and creativity—NOMAD.

Nomad - music composer producer guitaristAs you may know, I, Oksana Kolesnikova, along with my husband/promoter Alex, am deeply passionate about the arts, and I’m personally endorsing NOMAD because of his exceptional contributions to the music industry. NOMAD is not just a musician; he’s a music producer, director, and session guitarist who has left an indelible mark on numerous GRAMMY-winning records.

His versatility spans across genres, and he has shared the stage with iconic artists like David Foster, Stevie Wonder, Celine Dion, and many more. NOMAD’s influence extends beyond live performances; he has also lent his talents to blockbuster movie soundtracks and television series.

But why am I writing to you today about NOMAD?

I’m mostly excited by NOMAD‘s commitment to empowering fellow musicians through his The Career Musician podcast and educational resources like his book, Ethos: The Career Musician’s Code. This aligns perfectly with our shared values of enabling growth and excellence in the world of music.

More specifically, NOMAD is giving golden advice like nobody else for musicians…

If you’re a musician who wishes to live from doing what you love—making music—instead of having to resort to the myriad unrelated side jobs musicians find themselves increasingly resorting to in our times, then I highly recommend NOMAD’s “ETHOS Career Guide Bundle.”

It holds an arsenal of tools to elevate you as an independent virtuoso in the music industry, with strategic insights into skill development, touring and audition mastery, guidance on how to build your professional network, and several invaluable templates to save you time and help you better organize. With ETHOS, you’ll feel like you’re never alone in your journey as a professional independent musician, that you have a wise guide constantly by your side.

Go HERE or click on the button below for NOMAD’s “ETHOS Career Guide Bundle.”

Warm regards,

Oksana Kolesnikova
Pianist, Composer, and CEO of Oksana Management Group, Inc.


ETHOS - The Career Musician's Code

ETHOS Career Guide Bundle
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Supercharge your music career by leaving behind the endless gig chase and embracing ETHOS! As the official “code of conduct” for modern career musicians, ETHOS is your ultimate roadmap to success. With its arsenal of powerful tools, ETHOS empowers you to thrive as an independent contractor musician. Crafted by industry experts, this game-changing bundle includes strategies for honing your craft, invaluable advice for auditions and touring, guidance for building a professional infrastructure, and even handy templates for organizing your data, tax forms, musician’s union forms, and much more! Get your hands on the complete ETHOS Bundle, featuring the full ebook, immersive audio book, and interactive workbook. Authored by the renowned Nomad, with a foreword by the legendary David Foster, ETHOS is your ticket to building and sustaining a rewarding music career.
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ETHOS The Career Musician's Bundle


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