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Dear Friends:

We are almost one year into the COVID-19/Coronavirus pandemic, and even though most of us never imagined the dangers of this virus would endure this long, the reality of the situation is tangible and undeniable. We’re all now asking the same questions: Where do we go from here? Will the world ever be the same again? How do we protect ourselves – and loved ones – in the future? Is there anything we can do to help our fellow humans in their time of need?

We here at the Oksana® Foundation don’t have the answers to all these queries, but when it comes to extending a helping hand to our beloved neighbors, colleagues, and acquaintances in our community, we definitely have something to say about that.

If you have ever dreamt about changing a fellow human being’s life through a selfless, inspirational act of kindness, our organization presents you the opportunity to do just that – especially amidst the current lockdowns and the series of life-changing events they have initiated. Indeed, our sponsored Enrichment Programs provide much-needed relief to families with kids stuck at home, and we are giving you a way to become directly involved in that charity.

First, a little about us: The Oksana® Foundation is an education and arts-focused initiative that provides opportunities to financially-challenged youth in their own neighborhoods, our mission to nurture and cultivate their gifts in order to build excitement, elevate hope, and support children in creating positive and lasting changes in the evolving world around them. The brainchild of noted Los Angeles-area businesswoman and acclaimed “Pianist to the Stars” Oksana® Kolesnikova, the Foundation remains a unique non-profit organization that takes Oksana’s passion for teaching and helping today’s young succeed to a higher level.

By donating to the Oksana® Foundation – a heartfelt gesture that is 100-percent tax-deductible, being that the Foundation boasts a genuine 501(c)(3) organization status – you will contribute to the ongoing efforts of the Oksana® Management Group and all its associated educational branches, including the highly-effective After-School Enrichment Programs, private lessons in music, foreign languages, tutoring services and more, ensuring that underprivileged youth and their schools have access to these results-driven solutions.

Put succinctly: You will forever change the lives of youngsters who possess the talent to achieve deep within, but who otherwise can’t afford a better education.

In addition to all this, there’s still plenty of benefits for you to enjoy by becoming an Oksana® Foundation Sponsor. In exchange for your sponsorship, the Oksana® Foundation agrees to promote your business or services through the OMG, Inc. network via engaging newsletters distributed to tens of thousands, press releases distributed to the media nationwide, word-of-mouth promotions, and inclusion on all OMG social media channels.

Further, we will also list your business/company on OMG’s primary websites with a clickable logo, taking visitors directly to your site, and we will also treat you to VIP tickets to future Gala events organized by the Foundation.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Matt Denny & Co (please see below) and our 2020 main Sponsors, namely serial entrepreneur Maria Catya Caradonna; Mr. Eddy Perez, CEO/Founder Millennium Maintenance Systems; co-creator and co-executive producer of the CBS reality show The Amazing Race Ms. Elise Doganieri, and all the caring and generous individuals who contributed in whichever capacity they could.

In closing, we hope you will consider making a donation to the Oksana® Foundation, as you will be helping members of our community who live with the harsh reality of not being able to provide their children with the education they deserve.

Thank you so very much for taking time out of your busy schedule to consider our proposal; we look forward to answering any questions you may have!

Kind regards,
Oksana® Foundation Team

Oksana Foundation Logo two lineLos Angeles, CA – September 25, 2020 – The Oksana® Foundation, providing access to educational opportunities for children so that their talents can be nurtured, cultivated and utilized to create positive and lasting changes in the world around them, has inspired yet another sponsor for its educational program, a move poised to enhance premium After-School Enrichment curriculum efforts.

Through the generosity of Denny and Company, a prominent Valencia, California CPA practice operated by Carolyn and Matthew Denny, several underprivileged children will be able to participate in quality After-School Enrichment programs free of charge, with courses to include music, foreign language studies and K-12 academic tutoring.

“Denny and Company’s moniker boldly states that the accounting practice ‘makes life less taxing’ for its clients, and through the heartfelt generosity of its partners, the firm is making the obtainment of a good education less taxing for some deserving students,” states Oksana® Kolesnikova of the Oksana® Foundation. “We thank Carolyn and Matthew Denny, as well as the entire Denny and Company staff, for helping make the dreams of several financially-challenged youngsters a reality as they look towards a brighter future.”

Denny & Company website

Denny & Company, LLP was established in 1984 by founding partners Patrick & Carolyn Denny. The firm is currently comprised of two partners, Carolyn Denny and Matthew Denny. The partners and staff bring a wealth of accounting, finance, information technology and business expertise to our clients. We are a full-service firm of Certified Public Accountants operating under license from the California Board of Accountancy and the California Department of Consumer Affairs. Our business philosophy is based on personalized service, with programs tailored to the unique needs of the client. We maintain a disciplined, professional and organized approach to our work. We believe in providing superior service to our clients by cross-training for better coverage and maintaining accessibility by having a fully staffed office. We cater to small businesses and individuals. We recognize that every client is different with their own special needs and desires. Responding to this type of clientele is our specialty.