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Our Way of Saying Thanks!

We decided to start a new section of our newsletter made entirely with the purpose of highlighting some of our favorite businesses we have crossed paths with. There are so many wonderful business owners that we have the pleasure of interacting with, and we felt that it was time to start shouting them out!

The Grill Guy LogoThis first highlight will be all about The Grill Guy from Santa Clarita, California. They offer amazing services to grill owners who need help cleaning their grills. As they point out, uncleaned grills can not only lead to a huge fire hazard but also pass bacteria and other nasty components onto your meat.

The owner is Canyon Lycklama, a young entrepreneur who really showed his expertise when we had him work on our own grill. It shined like new, was totally safe again and took well to a new layer of seasoning. We couldn’t have asked for more.   See below for ‘Before and After photos, and for a personal message from Canyon himself!

We want to say a huge thank you to Canyon ‘The Grill Guy’ and all of his business! You can find all of their info HERE!

This concludes the first of many highlights and shoutouts we want to share with you from time to time. There will be many more to come interspersed throughout or other bits of news. We really want to share the love we get from so many of you, so get ready!

We’ll see you next time!

OMG, Inc.

Grill Before_After

Hey everyone!

My name is Canyon Lycklama, and I started The Grill Guy to provide a much-needed service for grill owners everywhere! The number of homeowners in the United States, that have a barbecue, has jumped from 64% to 80% in the last 4 years! However, even though the barbecue industry is on the rise, the amount of grill cleaning businesses remains scarce.

The Grill Guy aims to bridge that gap and provide a quality cleaning service to all barbecue users!

Cleaning a grill without the proper tools can be extremely frustrating. With no one to call, the barbecue could be left to rot without being used. Call The Grill Guy soon to protect you and your family from potential grease fires and unsafe contaminants!

Give us a call, shoot us a text, or fill out our online form to receive a free quote!

If you found out about our business through this newsletter, then please enjoy a 10% discount for any service!

Make sure to check out our website at for more information!

Canyon Lycklama | The Grill Guy, Owner

Mobile: 661-435-7777



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