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South Korean Dance Troupe Emotional Line Selects Oksana Kolesnikova’s Version of Beethoven’s Sonata 14 in C Sharp Minor (Moonlight Sonata) for Upcoming Performance at The World’s Best Talent Competition

Group’s electrifying hip-hop routine creatively fuses traditional pop-and-lock movements with mind-bending choreography to follow pianist’s every note with laser precision.

Los Angeles, CA – February 1, 2019 – Oksana™ Kolesnikova, renowned pianist, composer and creative mind behind the Los Angeles-based Oksana™ Management Group (OMG, Inc.), recently added another pride-endowed rung to her impressive roster of accomplishments when her hauntingly beautiful rendition of Beethoven’s third movement of Sonata 14 in C Sharp Minor (Moonlight Sonata) was chosen by the South Korean dance troupe Emotional Line for an upcoming performance at The World’s Best talent competition. The group’s electrifying routine creatively fuses traditional pop-and-lock movements associated with hip-hop dance styles with mind-bending choreography to follow Kolesnikova’s every note with laser precision.

The World’s Best is a reality talent competition television series produced by Mark Burnett and Mike Darnell featuring international performers being evaluated by three judges – Drew Barrymore, RuPaul and Faith Hill – as well as an international panel of 50 experts in various fields of entertainment. The series is set to premiere on CBS on February 3 following its telecast of Super Bowl LIII and will air worldwide.

Emotional Line recently gave spectators a taste of their incredible talent when they electrified a mesmerized audience with a show-stopping routine during Korea Dance Delight Volume 4, a street dance performance competition, breaking into a hip-hop-style set – but to the backdrop of Kolesnikova’s beautiful piano key strokes.

“When we hear about dancers performing a ‘hip-hop’ dance routine, we expect to see specific movements choreographed to the big bass beats of, well, hip-hop music,” muses Kolesnikova about Emotional Line’s well-received performance at Korea Dance Delight. “Of course, such thumping beats are a hip-hop staple that blend perfectly with aggressive, over-the-top dance moves, but Emotional Line proved that a hip-hop dance routine can be pulled off even when it’s not paired to its musical namesake.

“Instead of a pounding bass line, audience members and viewers of The World’s Best will be greeted with the familiar opening notes of my take on Beethoven’s Sonata 14 in C Sharp Minor, while awe-inspiring pop-and-lock movements begin with two Emotional Line members dressed in white – it’s totally mesmerizing to watch.”

The movements of the dance troupe members were so precise during the performance at Korea Dance Delight that many critics likened the experience to watching old-fashioned stop animation; at just over one minute into the show, the dancers exchanged their pop-and-lock movements for overtly fluid motions that were described as being “almost too smooth to be real.”

Video of the incredible performance by Emotional Line can be seen on YouTube:

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