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The Café from Heaven, Now In Los Angeles

Dear Friends, Hello!

This week I want to shout out an amazing L.A.-based business that I had the absolute pleasure of visiting on several occasions.

Urth Caffe LOGOUrth Caffé is positively the best European-style café any city could ever wish for, so sit down, grab a cup of their amazing coffee and let’s get into the facts.

I’ll start by telling you all about their coffee, tea, and baked goods. They have fully organic and heirloom coffees with gorgeous flavor and a bevy of complex notes. It’s good enough that you don’t really need creamer or sugar because you may miss out on some of the more subtle nutty notes.

As for the teas, they are all hand-picked and carefully crafted, and you can tell. Every drink you find here goes well and above what many other big box cafes have available and I really felt like I was getting a genuine product from a true artisan café. The baked goods are heavenly! Created by none other than an Italian-born and raised Master Baker, Davide Giova! Fluffy, soft and perfectly sweet all come to mind.

Urth Caffé really serves up on the tea and cakes commonly served across the pond and brings that whole vibe right to America.

I cannot talk about this restaurant without mentioning the owners. I talked to Shallom and Jilla Berkman on several occasions. They are lovely to talk to, super courteous and incredibly inviting, all things that pushed the cozy feeling even further. I assume that the wonders this Café serves up has no small part related to their wonderful attitudes.

If you find yourself in Southern California, Las Vegas, Japan, Saudi Arabia and Dubai and want the finest cup of coffee, tea or sweet treat, by all means, then go to Urth Caffé. You will not be happier.

Well, that’s all for this shout out. I don’t want to spoil it too much, so I’ll leave it here for now. You may learn more about them at

Once again, I’ll probably be back soon with even more fun business finds, so keep an eye out for more from me! For now, have a great week and I’ll see you next time.

Alex, OMG, Inc.

Urth Caffe DESSERT


Urth Caffe owner Shallom Berkman talks about his Mountain Gorilla Coffee project. Click to watch this inspiring video.

Urth Caffe Visit

Shallom and Jilla Berkman. Click photo for more info.

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